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Hvar Weddings

Wedding Day Management

What you can expect

Hvar Weddings is your alternative to a classic wedding planner and offers you everything you are asking for in a totally flexible way. No matter if you are just looking for some help finding the perfect location for your reception or just someone who is managing and coordinating the wedding day itself. 
I’m here for you so that you can enjoy the preparations and your special day to the fullest.


Wedding planning as needed

HVAR Wedding Sveti Marak

You need assistance with the location search, the selection of service providers or have only a few questions during the planning?

Decide for yourself, when you need me and how much help you need from me.

Support & Guidance during Planning

HVAR Weddings Wedding Day Managament

You have everything planned yourself and wish someone beside you for the big day, who takes care of the processes, your guests and coordinates the suppliers? I am happy to ensure a smooth running day for you. 

Wedding Day


HVAR Wedding Favors

You need creative input for your invitations, your party favors or the decoration? With my team, I can offer you creative support that will turn your wedding into something very special and individual.

in all matters

What others say

"This wedding made my life richer meeting this beautiful bride Doris and groom Marco. (...) She organized her wedding by herself and she did a fantastic job! I didn’t put so many pictures of flowers on focus as her kindness and beauty was for me the most beautiful decor on this day.
Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding florist and given me great honor to be part of it."

HVAR Weddings Wedding Day Managament

- Anita Slipcevic-Jezina (Floranita)


"We liked all her planning before the wedding.

She made useful plans and lists and was always available by mail or WhatsApp. We were able to book her by the hour and didn't have to pay any lump sums. Doris is a very warm and friendly person, it was fun to work with her."

- Danijela & Fabian

"We have seldom met such unique people as you ...

I remember asking you if you could help us plan our dream wedding. You were so happy and supported us in every way until the end. We got to know you and knew immediately that you were not only a great wedding planner, but a beautiful personality that we, especially I, would not want to miss. Despite your own private life, you always had an open ear for me and stood by me through the ups and downs. (...) I was often at my limit, but you always made me feel understood. (...) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me! We felt very safe with you in the planning, you had our trust since the first second you were happy and said "yes" to planning. From the location search, to the decoration, beyond that to the day of our wedding you were a great support for us! We knew we were going to have our dream wedding with you. We were overwhelmed how a person can empathise like you did, you planned our wedding with so much heart, you were happy for us, cried with us, laughed with us. (...) We cannot say often enough how grateful we are to you! Thank you for everything you did, for all your effort, for all your time, for all your care and above all for your kindness!"


- Monika & David

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